Truth about Brussels sprouts

In my kitchen I try to use all kinds of vegetables, fresh and seasonal. With winter on the doorstep a colorfull markets are replaced by winter seasonal vegetables. Today I decided to write about Brussels sprouts … I know, I know, a lot of times when mention her name I met a with a twisted and funny faces like ” no thanks “.

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Protein and Vegetarianism

As a vegetarian Chef, I sometimes talk to people who would like to become vegetarians, or at least thinking about it. I enjoy theese talks ’cause vegetariamism is one of the best things that happened in my life and I’m passionatly commited to present this idea to non vegetarians.
The most frequent question is :”What about proteins?”

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Eggplant tortillas

Interesting combination of mexican tortillas and sour cream, spices and grilled eggplant. Quickly prepared and so nice.

Chickpea Stew

Did you know that chickpea is one of the best protein sources. This tasty chickpea and fresh vegetables stew with addition of smoked seitan gives it taste of wilderness.


Tasty and easy prepared pastries of choux or puff pastry. Potato with curry and cumin, cheese with olives and fresh basil, smoked tofu with peas and dill…something for everyone.


Beautiful dish with fresh vegetables, bay leaves and mixture of spices, enriched with fried soy chunks will satisfy every gourmet.

Vege Burgers

Fried or baked, in tomato sauce or yogurt sauce or just like vege burger – choose your best combination

Greek style Soup

White beans, carrot and celery in combination with fresh tomato, parsley and olive oil – complete mediteranian pleasure.


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