My name is Kumari and cooking is my passion.

Vegetarianism is my choice of diet for more than a decade. As a gourmand I discovered the opulence of different foodstuffs and spices, tried and delighted by new recipes, discover inspiration and love in cooking and find out that this is what I want to do in life. Through cooking I express my creativity and find great pleasure and joy and my special motivation is to share my experience with others.

I am educated chef with many years of experience. My culinary journey begins at time when I met my husband who is Vegetarian for twenty years and great cook himself, and with his help and support I started catering in my hometown Sarajevo. After few years of experience we are going to Zagreb, Croatia, where I started to work in vegetarian restaurants – Vegehop. In few months I become main Chef and stay at that position for more than three years. After that great experience I decided to start my own business and established the association of promoting helthy way of life: “Finota” /deliciousness/.

My approach in preparing food is with great care and good consciousness. I strive to prepare meals which are tasty, healthy and nutritionally balanced, following the principle — “Let the food be your medicine and medicine be your food”. Beside exotic and oriental recipes I mostly prepare European food, veggie version of all that meals that we love and eat while we grow up. Eggless cakes, vege burrito and kebab, sarma and štrukle, Cordon-bleau and Stroganoff, Rajastan subji and somosas are just a small part of our culinary symphony.

On this page you can see my culinary portfolio, engage me as a Chef, see the dates of cooking classes, find interesting and useful articles and recipes, leave your comments and ask questions about my cooking.

Looking forward to cooperate with you.

With love, Kumari

Superfood – cooking course

DVODNEVNA RADIONICA KUHANJA 25.6. i 26.6. od 11h – 15h, Pink Elephant Yoga House, Gundulićeva 63, Zagreb

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Kurkuma – Golden spice that can Change your Life

Spices…hot, sweet, salty, colorful, fragrant and aromatic, sweet and intense – in addition to enrich the dish and give a particular note to any meal they are both – nutritional and healthy.

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Truth about Brussels sprouts

In my kitchen I try to use all kinds of vegetables, fresh and seasonal. With winter on the doorstep a colorfull markets are replaced by winter seasonal vegetables. Today I decided to write about Brussels sprouts … I know, I know, a lot of times when mention her name I met a with a twisted and funny faces like ” no thanks “.

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Protein and Vegetarianism

As a vegetarian Chef, I sometimes talk to people who would like to become vegetarians, or at least thinking about it. I enjoy theese talks ’cause vegetariamism is one of the best things that happened in my life and I’m passionatly commited to present this idea to non vegetarians.
The most frequent question is :”What about proteins?”

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Eggplant tortillas

Interesting combination of mexican tortillas and sour cream, spices and grilled eggplant. Quickly prepared and so nice.

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main courses

  • Tofu bellpaper tempura and pasta with vegetables "au gratin"
  • Shepards pie
  • Fried tempeh with source radish sauce
  • Baked kale rolls
  • Patliđan parmigian
  • Risotto with asparagus and baked zucchini

salty pastries

  • Lasagne
  • Savory pastries with cheese and broccoli
  • Tart with fennel
  • Cannelonne

stews & soups

  • Beans
  • Boršć
  • Chickpea Stew
  • Sarma
  • Stuffed Bell peppers


  • Bio salad
  • Caulifolower in green Mayo
  • Potato salad
  • Spring salad
  • Vegetables mayo salad


  • Forest fruit cake with chocolate
  • Tart with sour cherry
  • White cake
  • Fruit cake with pineapple
  • Schwarzvald torta
  • Cheescake with forest fruits
  • Cremeschnitte


  • Bajadera
  • Pistachio delight 2
  • Tasty Bliss delicacy
  • Marinated Tofu
  • canape


Tasty Bliss, Kumari’s food is prepared with lot of love and attention which is for me personally very important factor of diet because of work I am not able to cook for me and my family. This food have a diferent taste, smell and energy which perfectly fits into my lifestyle. I like vegetarian food which taste like my grandmas cooking, homemade, tasty and full of love and after eating it I am feeling enliven, light and happy.

— Petra Bianco

yoga teacher, Pink Elephant Yoga Hause

Tasty Bliss certainly belongs in the “Soul Food” category. Each menu is various, carefully conceived, with carefully selected ingredients, colorful and a real feast for the eyes. It fills you with energy and power, cheers you with colors. But what I love most in Kumari’s food is magic, that leads you from a dining room or your work table on a journey to far and exotic places. With the help of ingredients and excellently combined and measured spices, the very first bite is a ticket to travel to India or, for example, a distant Mexico. Except for being a food for the soul and a body, in addition to the effort and putting her heart into making same food, on those occasions for travelling-departures from everyday, I am especially grateful.

— Ana Divjak

As a long time vegetarian and a gourmand I can say that Kumari’s cooking is exceptional excellent and true blessing. Its not only that I am always thrilled by taste of her meals but the happiness and easiness that I feel after eating it is connected with love and attention that she brings into food while prepare it. Energy of her meals gives satisfaction not just for a body but the soul also. It is realy easy to fall in love in that food and remain faithful to it. Tasty Bliss – in two words is a great description, extraordinary tasty and make the soul happy.

— Goran Chloupek

professor of philosophy

Every time Kumari cook some of her many delicious meals, no matter how well prepared I was for the wonderful harmony of flavors on the plate, I’m always surprised again positively with even tastier menu… Her style of cooking is unique. Spices added to dishes are fantastically selected and steady. In every bite you can feel her passion and love for cooking. Everything is simply turned into one party of flavors and real feast.

— Aneta Mlinac

Montessori Teacher

Tasty Bliss has two serious flaws; the first one is that we always overeat because it is so fine that we cannot stop eating, and the other is that once we overeat, we do not stop talking about how nice it was!

The most common sentence we say, as we eat food from the Finota’s kitchen is: mmmmmm, this is too fine! Oh, but those cabbage rolls …. It’s something from heaven!

When I eat what you cook, I instantly love more and I laugh more.

— Čejen Černić

film director

I have been a vegetarian for about 20 years. Except living in Zagreb, I lived in various towns in Germany, USA and India, but it seems to me that Kumari is perhaps the best cook of all great wizards whose magical dishes I was lucky to taste. It’s hard for me to say what I particularly like. Practically every time after eating Kumari’s Tasty Bliss meal, which includes both, and salty and sweet, I feel nirvanic, peaceful and happy situation in my head. You can feel that it has been cooked by someone with knowledge and love towards cooking. Well done and sincere wishes for Kumari and for her husband Gaura, who always brings food conscientiously, on time, to keep on the same way, doughtily, skillfully and creatively and to prosper in every way wherever life takes them. But I hope that, mainly, they will be here with us.

— Ante Glavina

archivist, Croatian state Archive

In the vegetarian catering service offer in our city, Tasty Bliss is a real pearl. All the dishes I tried were very tasty, imaginative and cooked with a lot of love. Every time I try their food I find myself thrilled with the combination of flavors and groceries, that are sometimes even exotic perfectly adapted to our climate. Tasty Bliss is an excellent choice as well as for the daily menu, which is a real daily treat, as well as for catering to order for special occasions.

— Iva Cukerić


Tasty bliss, Kumaris cooking is always for me a new culinary delight that I’m looking forward to. Meals prepared with love are also delight for eyes, on high esthetic level. Her skillful use of spices gives that food a special taste and its special energy comes from her unique approach to cooking. It is realy hard to try her meals just once, you just keep wanting for more.

— Biserka Ćujić



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cooking courses


Basic course

(two days)

Crackers, crescents, dips, salads… table full of colours and tastes – its’s party time! On the first cooking class we will learn how to prepare different tipes of pastries and spreads that will make any occasion special. Nutrition breakfast for your kids, quick prepared sweets with the afternoon coffie and easy salads for dinner… perfect!

1. DAY
Why vegetarianism?
Opulence of spices
Ghee and Paneer
Salads ( Bio salad and Tabbouleh salad)
Simple sweets (Caramelized bananas with yogurt, lemon and alemonds cream, Baked apples and raspberries)

2. DAY
Pastries (crackers and crescents)
Chapati, Burrito and Tortillas
Tahini (sweet and spicy spreads)
Spreads (hummus, avocado salsa, eggless mayo wiyh smoked tofu, olive spread)
Eggless french pancakes

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Advanced course I

(two days)

What for lunch?
On the second class we learn how to prepare healthy, balanced and nutrition lunch.
Tasty soups and stewed vegetables for those who like “to eat with spoon”, quick prepared wok for everyone who don’t have much time, fritters and burgers… and cakes…

1. DAY
Greek – style soup, Creamy carrot and ginger soup
Fritters and burgers:
Cheese and spinach burgers, Barley and root veggies fritters, Falafel
Stir – fry veggies with bulgur, Vegetable, shiitake and greek cheese wok

2. DAY
Vegetable stews:
Chickpea stew, Cucumber stew, Goulash, Eggplant curry
Danube waves, Cheesecake

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Advanced course II
(two days)

Sunday lunch, festive dinner, special occasion that need special effort and special taste.
Sarma, lasagne, borsch, quiche, birthday cakes… complete gourmet enjoyment.

1. DAY
Lasagne Bolognese
Vegetable lasagne
Banana and coconut cake

2. DAY
Quiche (quiche Lorraine, veggie and cheese quiche)
Wallnut and hazelnut cake

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Advanced course III

(two days)

Mmmmm… aroma, taste, colour… explosion of senses!
Learn how to make some of the finest meals of Indian cuisine and spice mixtures which will enrich every dish and turn your meal into magic.

1. DAY
Spice mixtures (curry and masala)
Red lentil and coconut soup
Bengaly royal rice

2. DAY
Indian kitri
Rajastan subji

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Two day course

Superfoods are those that contain a high level of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Consuming them revitalize the body, helping it optimize the functioning and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. For this time we have prepared for you a few incredible ingredients: quinoa, amaranth, avocado and sprouts. The second day is reserved for tofu, seitan and breading.

1. DAY
Quinoa and dishes with quinoa (quinoa with smoked cheese, salad with quinoa, savory fritters from quinoa)
Amaranth (amaranth pudding )
Avocado and grilled avocado (different spreads, salads, spring rolls, tempura avocado)
Sprouts (how to make sprouts, salads with sprouts)

2. DAY
Tofu (h
ow to make tofu, soy milk preparation, nigari, tofu process, tofu and marinades, recipes with tofu)
(how to make seitan and selected recipes with seitan)
(how to make homemade cheese paneer and more recipes with paneer)

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Two day course

Are you ready to continue the adventure with great food? Oats and oat milk and almonds, green vegetables – broccoli and kale, all rich in minerals, fiber and vitamins. Learn how to prepare these foods on more new ways and enrich your diet and your body with healthy and tasty meals. For a good night’s sleep – Gold milk and queen of spices – Turmeric. The second day is reserved for champions superfood called the “elixir of life” or “immortality beverage”  how he is known in China. Kombucha.

1. DAY
Oat. Oat milk and Alemond milk.
Recipes with whole grain oats (oat cream with garlic and shiitake mushrooms, oats with kale and spices)
Desserts from oats and oat flakes (baked dessert oatmeal and fruit, chocolate oatmeal cookies)
Broccoli and recipes (salty pastries with cheese and broccoli, broccoli tempura with tartar sauce, steamed broccoli with olive oil and spices)
Kale and recipes (fritters of cabbage and potatoes)
Turmeric (how to make turmeric paste and golden milk)

2. DAY
SCOBY and process of fermentation
Process of making Kombucha and way to store it
First fermentation
Second fermentation (flavoring, adding different herbs or fruits to get different flavors)

More Information


One day course

An excellent source of amino acids, iron, calcium and other micronutrients, tofu is a versatile and exceptional healthy food. Learn how to make tofu at home, various marinades for tofu and ways to prepare tofu.You will also learn how to make Seitan and Paneer.

How to Make Tofu
Preparation of soy milk
Preparation of tofu
Tofu and marinades
Selected recepies  with tofu

Seitan (how to make seitan and recipes with seitan)
Paneer (how to make homemade cheese paneer and more recipes)

More Information


One day course

Do you know what is Kombucha? Did you ever try it?
It is champion of superfood. Due to its numerous healthy benefits it is aso called “The elixir of life”. It was used in ancient China where it was known as “Drink of immortality”. It is probiotic, antioxidant, contain amino acids and whole specter of B vitamins.
It is good for imune sistem, rise energy, great for digestion, skin health and blood count and also has anti carcinogenic performances.
Learn how to make Kombucha at your home and enjoy every day in all benefits of this healthy and tasty drink.
At workshop you get Kombcha culture (scoby) and starter to begin the process of fermentation.

SCOBY and process of fermentation
Process of making Kombucha and way to store it
First fermentation
Second fermentation (flavoring, adding different herbs or fruits to get different flavors).

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